Spencer Schneider Charity Work

Dedicated to giving back to the community, Spencer Schneider is an active participant in various sports-related charities as a fitness trainer and athlete.

Some of the charities and organizations he has worked with and supported over the years include:

  • Skate For Change
  • Tony Hawk Foundation
  • Chill.orgSpencer Schneider Charity Work

His love of skateboarding began to take shape as a young boy.  Practicing new tricks and skating techniques quickly sparked a fiery energy in young Spencer Schneider.  While hanging around his local skatepark, he fell in love with the unique sense of community at the core of skating culture.  Thankful for the tremendous impact skateboarding had on his childhood, Schneider takes pride in giving back to the skating community.  He believes that the sport can truly help young kids through tough times. Working with various charities and non-profit organizations, Spencer Schneider hopes to help young kids in developing a lifelong sense of dedication, passion, and devotion to their community.

A culinary connoisseur, Spencer Schneider also has a passion for helping members of his community who struggle to put food on their tables.  Working with Second Harvest Food Bank, he dedicates his free time to food distribution programs, natural disaster response, community kitchen meal services, and more.  As an active member of the charity, Spencer Schneider lends his wealth of knowledge to those in need by educating families about nutrition.  An advocate for fitness and health, he is proud to be a member of the world’s largest food bank.