Innovation Meets Ice: 3 Unique Winter Sports

Spencer Schneider is an athlete up for adventure! He regularly seeks out new workout routines, sports and games centered around physical fitness. At his gym, Spencer Schneider Training, he introduces these activities to clients looking to spice up their regimen.

The winter months are no excuse to slow your fitness training roll. Some lacrosse players trade their spoons for sticks and take up hockey for the winter. Some inline racers trade their roller skates for speed skates and hit the ice rink. And some families gather together for a day on the slopes, whether they’re snow tubing, sledding, skiing or snowboarding. But there are some secret sports out there thriving in the cold — and you’ve probably never even heard of any of them! Here are 3 super unique winter sports that you should give a go this upcoming season:

Shovel Racing

shovel racing

Yup, this one is exactly what it sounds like: racing with a shovel! While it might sound a bit dangerous to race down a snow-covered hill on a shovel, this sport was actually recognized in the 1997 Winter X Games. Shovel racing is pretty simple. You sit on an upturned shovel and use the handle to control your ‘sled’ as best as you can while you careen down a hill. Think of this one as extreme sledding — with a twist!



I know what you’re thinking:  is that even English?!  Well, to answer your question of confusion: it’s not; it’s Norwegian for ‘ski driving.’ And that’s pretty much what it is. This sport is very similar to dog sledding. Essentially, skijoring is skiing with a twist. You gear up with your typical skiing equipment (skis and poles) and navigate snowy terrain while being powered by the pull of a horse, dogs or motor vehicle. Skiers who take up this sport often add difficulty with slalom gates and jumps.


Snowkiting Spencer Schneider

If you’re familiar with kiteboarding, then you’ll like this one!  Snowkiting is the winter version of kiteboarding, the kite-powered sport that ties water skiing and wakeboarding together. Skiers (or snowboarders, if you choose to hop on your board instead) glide across snow and ice while manning a high-flying kite. Their movements are powered by the wind. This can be performed on ice or snow. But, be careful! You’ll want to give this one a go in an area without much obstruction.  Not the best idea for a slope in the forest. Fellow skateboarders may enjoy this one as well!

So, which winter sport are you interested in trying out?  Personally, Spencer Schneider loves to go the typical route with snowboarding and ice hockey to have fun while getting valuable exercise in the winter months. But, he does admit, some of these sound pretty fun! He may even consider introducing light versions of these sports into his winter programs at Spencer Schneider Training!

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