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Spencer Schneider

As a kid, Spencer Schneider enjoyed a wide range of hobbies including sports, cooking, and music.  

Today, his favorite past-times have developed into full blown passions. Dedicated to giving back to the community, Spencer Schneider commits his efforts to various sports and culinary charities.  At his health and fitness training facility, Spencer Schneider Training, this fitness fanatic helps members of his community strive for success.  Adamant about helping others, he consistently dedicates his time and effort to encouraging healthy living.

Music Spencer Schneider Guitar Music

In high school, Spencer Schneider tapped into his music maestro side.  He participated in his school’s pep band where he excelled. With a group of his friends, he also formed a short-lived rock band.  Although the group didn’t last, the experience encouraged a sense of teamwork which he still strives to maintain today. During the summer of 2012, he attended summer sessions at Berklee in Boston, MA.  His courses centered around Funk and Blues, Music Theory, and Electronic Production & Design.  Constantly on the go, his love of music resides on the back burner these days. Still, he loves to pick up his guitar and shred every now and then.

Fitness TrainingSpencer Schneider Training

Spencer Schneider’s love of keeping active has carried on into his adulthood.  As a dedicated fitness trainer, he focuses his time and energy into helping others reach their health and fitness training goals.  Whether you’re looking to meet a weight loss goal or simply looking to maintain your current physique, Spencer Schneider will help keep you on track.  Schneider thoroughly enjoys organizing meal preparations and planning rigorous workout regimes. His boxing bootcamp offers fitness fanatics a chance to push back against their limits in a fun and challenging way.  No matter what your goals are, he will tailor a unique and individualized plan to meet your fitness needs!


Going hand-in-hand with his drive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Spencer Schneider integrates meal prep techniques into his fitness training.  As a young boy, the tantalizing aromas seeping from his mother’s kitchen captivated him.  He fell in love with the culinary craft, finding great joy in helping his mother prepare meals for his family.  His passion for cooking is still alive and well today. Spencer Schneider believes that fitness training does not begin at the gym — it beings at home, in your kitchen.  Healthy eating is an integral part of maintaining fitness training, in his view. That’s why he incorporates meal prep into his work as a personal trainer.

Spencer Schneider is currently working on an array of recipes inspired by his commitment to teaching others how to live healthy.  Stay tuned for this exciting new venture — your tastebuds will certainly thank you. Follow Spencer Schneider across social media so you won’t miss out on these tasty techniques and eats!